Beth Litwak, Producing Artistic Director

Beth Litwak, Producing Artistic Director


To share compelling, daring art that illuminates truth and reveals beauty.


A prestigious group of researchers studied all of the many positive traits found in humankind.  The 26 character traits that they uncovered fell into 6 main categories or “Virtues.”  As I was reading through each, my focus fell on three words: Love, Kindness, and Social Intelligence, the three character traits that make up the virtue: HUMANITY.

Many of us were taught a great deal about love and kindness as children, but social intelligence is a bit more elusive.  Social intelligence is how we as human beings connect, interact, and take a genuine interest in one another.

At Theatre for Humanity, we envision, design, and create a space that allows us to connect with one another.  A space where we can laugh, cry, and question together.  Where no matter where we come from or where we are headed we can, for a few moments, take a common journey, together.